Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hallway Progress

I made some progress on the hallway in February. I had to do some surgical demolition, some electrical, some creative framing, and then hang some drywall.

Here's the end of the hallway at the start of February.

Demolition of the old siding.

Protecting the area from work going on in the attic space.

I reframed the ceiling in three spots so I could install three can lights that would be centered in the hallway.

I bought some 1/4" drywall to skin the ceiling. I got creative in the way I transported it home so it wouldn't break.

Here's the first piece of 1/4" drywall glued and screwed to the ceiling.

A new light switch to control all the new lights.

And now there is light in what was a very dark hallway.


I installed a 2x4 so I had something solid to mount the doorbell to.

Now it's time to hang drywall.

I wanted the drywall to sit flat so I chiseled out some of the stud to recess the J-box mounting plates.

There is still more drywall to hang around the bathroom pocket door, but I have to replace the pocket door first.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Passed Final Additions Inspection

Just had the final inspection for the additions. We passed! No problems whatsoever. We are SO relieved to be done with inspections!

I was probably a little more anxious than I needed to be, and the inspector was super nice (and complimentary of the house).

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Entryway Trim

I installed the trim around the entryway closet and the entryway door. My brother-in-law filled all the nail holes. Next step is paint.

Entryway Flooring

We chose to install Armstrong's Alterna 16"x16" Allegheny Slate Copper Mountain vinyl tiles in our entryway. The tiles are almost indistinguishable from stone tiles... especially when you grout between them. We feel that the tiles will serve us well in the entryway as they are easy to clean and pretty robust to traffic. We chose the Stone acrylic grout color.

I first had to level out a part of the entryway that had a significant dip. I used concrete leveler just like we used in the den. I used the recommended substrate sealer first.

Then I used an edge filler to feather the transition from the leveler to the rest of the floor.

I installed a 3/4" plywood underlayment over the leveled subfloor to match the floor height in the den and kitchen.

I laid the tiles in small batches by first cleaning the area, troweling on the adhesive with the recommended trowel, then laying the tiles in place, and pressing them down with a rubber mallet.

I used 3/16" spacers. The tiles are very easy to cut with a utility knife (then you just snap the tile like you would with drywall).

I taped the perimeter of the area where I troweled the glue to keep the new tiles clean and to make clean up easier in general.

After the tiles were all installed, I grouted the tiles with the recommended acrylic grout. It was very easy compared with concrete  or polyurethane grout. Clean up was a snap.

Attic Siding

I finally finished the siding on the attic space above the third bedroom. The area had sheathing and Tyvek, but was not on the same plane as the rest of the attic so I installed some spacers and painted plywood. I will eventually add some batten every 24 inches, but they are not necessary right now.

Kitchen Nook Window Trim and Siding

I finally got around to installing the trim around the kitchen nook window as well as reinstalling all the siding around the window back in October. It wasn't all that hard. It just took a while.

Trim around window

Siding installed

Siding and window trim painted

Close up of painted trim and siding

Exterior Closet

I finally installed the door knob and deadbolt blank in the exterior closet door. This closet will eventually house the water heater. But it's just empty right now.